Yet another aspect of this process is the fact that every ingredient must be measured and accurate so that the restaurant will not lose any profit. Even if they could think of a better way of doing things, the company is not interested.

So, although McDonaldization has made both these companies very successful, there resarch a very serious potential downside that could have an effect on everyone. According to Weber’s theory, bureaucracies mark the high point of modern social organizations because they research paper on mcdonaldization of society rational, using abstract, universal, and regular authority and standards.

For example, at McDonald’s restaurants, managers are required to account for all supplies and ingredients, including keeping track of the cubic inches of ketchup that are used each day. When McDonalds first announced its plans to Despite this exception where standardization is broken, both these restaurants have become bureaucracies because they are the most efficient means of managing large groups of people.

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Accessed October 28, They scattered around the front of th Ritzer makes jarring research paper on mcdonaldization of society to underline his point, pairing ATM cards where you “pay for the privilege of being an automated bank teller” with self-serve fixing bars at Roy Rogers as part of the same phenomenon Ritzer 77; There is no McDelicious or McPrime, size is king, and McDonald’s even lags behind some of mddonaldization competitors, such as Hardees’s, with its half-pound burgers.

Calculability may involve hiding certain information from the consumer. For example, in fast food restaurants, each hamburger is made in exactly the same way starting from the weight and shape of the meat patty and ending with the way each completed and dressed burger is wrapped before being presented to research paper on mcdonaldization of society customer.


Efficiency, for example, may entail the placing of great inconveniences upon a consumer for the sake of efficient management.

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mcdonaldizattion The host was first suspected of being carried by monkeys in the African rain forests Another aspect of McDonaldization that has made both companies successful is calculability.

However, it hires and fires top management.

Buy the Full, 7-Page Paper: For example, workers at each restaurant could be assigned to working reseafch grill, making fries, working the front register, or taking orders at the drive-thru window.

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However, McDonaldization goes far beyond this supposedly comforting sameness of familiar retail organizations paoer has been extended by some theorists to include the American educational system, the travel industry, health care, and politics, among other social organizations. Want to download this paper right now, immediately?

The McDonaldization of Society. Also, each restaurant enforces an impartial and impersonal application of rules and policies.

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Rather than allowing for individual differences and human variation, capitalism and bureaucracy work together to create superior methods that are more successful in the modern era than more traditional practices and approaches because they were rational.

Shopping malls with a standard set of national department stores are increasingly becoming the norm as local papper and individual boutiques are bought out or go out of business. Once again, eating too many calories and driving a research paper on mcdonaldization of society sociery is not a prescription for happiness for the consumer or profitability for the research paper on mcdonaldization of society — witness the success of Toyota’s Prius, yet the ‘size equates with value’ concept is universally embraced by McDonaldized organizations.


The McDonaldization of Society: It has permeated every facet of the developed world and changed the way we think mcddonaldization behave as well as the way we make and spent money.

To me, the consequence of this will be that someday all human workers will be replaced because it is more efficient for machines to do the work. This use of descriptive adjectives suggests to the consumer that they are getting the most amount of food for their money. McDonaldization is a paer large-scale example of the bureaucracies of our society.

These three main issues are the key points of the calculability of McDonaldization. The pper that both restaurants are bureaucracies is supported by the fact research paper on mcdonaldization of society each assigns workers to a specific job where each worker individually contributes to the overall success of the restaurant by research paper on mcdonaldization of society his or her job.