Reliab Eng Syst Safe. Detailed literature search revealed scanty data regarding the relevance of CII and regression analysis in medical store management. World Health Organization [internet].

Medical College hospital, Nagpur. Looking for someone who could help me in writing a literature survey? Literature review min deadline 3 days. ABC analysis depicting percentage cost of each drug of group A with respect to annual drug expenditure in the year — This also helps for justifying the demand of increased budget during allocation of the budget in government institutions for next year.

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Place each work in the context. The project includes writing an answering two Narrative Theory questions. ABC and Refiew analysis of the pharmacy store of a tertiary care teaching, research and referral healthcare institute of Literature review of medical store management system. The monthly expense summary of drugs was now being done within ten days of the closing month. This is essential for optimal medical store management, and includes checks and balances for ensuring correct demands based on stock positions ststem forecast of requirements.

Literature review on social media content quality Ended. This makes literature review of medical store management system very difficult and time consuming to obtain reliable data about consumption patterns, submitting of timely demands for procurement, shelf life of medicines, slow moving, fast moving and overstocked drugs and other such data for medical stores inventory management.


I need you to write an article on English Literature between to words. Literatur we can look at examples and you can help me identify which parts are which while offering advice for writing a literature review.

This allows planners to prioritize and focus on areas for improvement. Simply fill in the gaps. Literature review and Research proposal 1 day left.

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Literature Review Report for project 5 days left. I require 3 templates I need help in rewriting a literature review.

Write a literature review 8 hours left. If the computerized system is complicated it will not be utilized properly as has been happening in our hospitals, despite so much effort being put in developing various software stores management modules. Our managemebt generated a list of medicines four months prior to their expiry along with its stock position and along with Monthly Maintenance Figures MMF so that timely action could be taken towards its disposal.

The index factor for the year — as literature review of medical store management system by the Government of India was and that of — was Besides this, due to correct documentation procedures being instituted, more pending audit stre were dropped by Local Audit authorities.


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At present, very few studies are available to compare the indexed ADE, but still this figure is less as compared to the previous study where it was 2. Projected annual drug expenditure for the next 5 years using linear regression analysis.

The AHE as obtained from the superintendent office for the year — was Rs. There is a need to expand the automation process to include dispensaries, wards and polyclinics for physician order entry, automated dispensing and online indenting linked and integrated subsequently with literature review of medical store management system mqnagement.

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