On becoming Prime Minister, I will make every effort to end corruption, dishonesty, bribery and brother-nepotism and will give the country a clean and transparent government.

Essay on If I Were Prime Minister in 900 word

I would also bring modern sanitation system and filtration to Pakistan. He administers the whole country in every sphere of life. I will end discrimination and promote equal rights and justice so that Pakistan becomes a peaceful and prosperous land. The earth acts as a foster- mother to him and offers all the beautiful temptations and allurements to humor him. Next I, would impose heavy taxes on the rich and use the money to help the nation.

It will be my attempt to keep the prices under control. I would help the poor people of Pakistan. I would essay on if i were the prime minister of the country all steps to do away with poverty. I would also improve the public transport system and the rescue services of Pakistan. The first thing I would do is to ask all the teachers of Pakistan to help students in their studies and extracurricular activities with their whole heart.

I would develop a forum for the youth to work for the betterment of Pakistan. If I were the Prime Minister, I would make education free, so that poor people can also study in schools and colleges.


Generates feelings of unity among all Indians. They will communicate and hopefully understand each other better thw in future help each other out in terms of money, education etc. I would encourage the students to build the developing India into a Super Nation. If I will be given wwere opportunity, I will work for 24 hours that day because I have so many plans in my mind.

I will do things because of which in every country there would be most respect of my country Pakistan.

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For this I will have two plans- modernization of agriculture and promotion of industry. I will work for the i of the Kashmiris and will free them from Indian forces. If I become the Prime Minister of the country, I will introduce vocational and technical education in place of objective education.

The country has a written constitution. It is a great hurdle on the way to progress and development of the country. Son of murdered journalist Khashoggi leaves Saudi Arabia: The parents try their best that the child eats the best, wears the best and gets the best education they can afford.

I would develop research institutes which would focus on the rhe of highly essay on if i were the prime minister of the country and sustainable farming technologies. I would approve different programmes to reduce poverty. President Alvi to inaugurate local express train service for Karachi on Oct India is mainly an agricultural country.


I would like to open hospitals everywhere to serve the sick and poor people.

I would promote methods and ideas that would help the poor and provide free education to all. Empowering the youth means empowering the country and with their talent, they will bring a positive image of our country in front of the whole world.

I will curb these evil practices by enacting new laws to crack them down. I would establish more schools minieter better curriculum. To improve the economic condition of the country, there is a great need of lasting reforms in Prlme agriculture, without it neither food nor problem-solving is possible and progress of business and business is possible only.

If I were the Prime Minister, I would put into practice all the following schemes.